Dive into the Depths of Flavor: Just Shrimp, a Family Seafood Tradition

At Just Shrimp, nestled at 15940 S Harlem Ave in Tinley Park, IL 60477, the aroma of freshly cooked seafood wafts through the air, welcoming guests to a delightful culinary experience. Since its inception, this family-owned and operated restaurant has been a labor of love, led by John, a third-generation restaurateur, and his daughter, Christina, representing the fourth generation. Their passion for the restaurant industry shines through in every aspect of Just Shrimp.

A Legacy of Flavor

With deep roots in the restaurant world, John and Christina bring a rich culinary heritage to Just Shrimp. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the delectable dishes they serve. Specializing in jumbo wild-caught shrimp, fried lobster, lobster rolls, fried catfish, fish and chips (cod), broiled salmon, grilled shrimp skewers, smelt, oysters, and more, Just Shrimp is a seafood lover’s paradise.

Pasta Perfection

Recently, they’ve introduced a mouthwatering addition to their menu: fettuccine pasta with a choice of Alfredo or marinara sauce, complemented by your choice of shrimp or broiled salmon. It’s a tantalizing twist that perfectly balances classic Italian flavors with the freshest seafood.

Tacos with a Twist

Don’t miss their fish or shrimp tacos, expertly crafted and topped with their signature spicy mayo, onion cilantro, purple cabbage, and tomato. These tacos are a flavor explosion that showcases their commitment to delivering unique and memorable dining experiences.

More than a Meal

At Just Shrimp, they’re not just serving food; they’re creating a welcoming community. Regular customers are cherished, and newcomers are encouraged to become part of their friendly culture. Whether you’re a seafood aficionado or a first-time visitor, you’ll feel like family from the moment you step through the door.

Stay Tuned for More

As part of their dedication to seafood and culinary artistry, Just Shrimp will be sharing regular updates and insights on their blog. From cooking tips to seafood secrets, they’re eager to connect with their customers and fellow food enthusiasts.

Come and experience the warmth, flavor, and tradition that is Just Shrimp. Visit them at 15940 S Harlem Ave in Tinley Park, IL 60477, or give them a call at 708-444-2770 to savor the taste of a genuine family seafood legacy.

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